How can we seize the opportunity in today's bathroom market?
  • Date:2019-08-23
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The theme of this year's bathroom market is still environmental protection and innovation. Some people say it's difficult to do business this year, while others say it's a good opportunity for transformation and expansion.
Let's take a look at the challenges facing the bathroom market:
1. energy saving and emission reduction is imminent
With the development of economy, health and environmental protection has become the mainstream consumption trend. It becomes more suitable for the development trend of the market and popular in the world. Therefore, we should pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, improve water-saving technology, and make bathroom products meet the needs of all aspects. Good bathroom is not only for the convenience of life, but also a way to enjoy life.
2. Crack down on counterfeit goods and integrate the market
"Shanzhai bathroom" imitates the production process and shape of big brands, but the actual quality is uneven. The raw materials are poor and the production is rough.
It is easy to damage the bathroom, and it will fall off, bulge, deformation and other problems, and the strength and moisture-proof performance will be reduced in the use process. The relevant departments should intensify the crackdown on fake and inferior products.
3. improve service driven sales
The homogenization of the bathroom industry, for ordinary consumers, good service is an essential standard to distinguish between different companies.
With the development of Internet, more and more enterprises pay attention to service to drive sales, so as to achieve better competitive effect. Smile and service are your best signs.
4. attach importance to and develop e-commerce industry
Taobao, Jingdong, Suning and other major platforms are full of e-commerce, and the new rise of wechat apps shows that the powerful role of the Internet as a drain cannot be underestimated. E-commerce consumption has gradually tended to rational consumption. Consumers search for bathroom products to meet their needs through the Internet, no matter from the appearance, price, service, etc. As a business, it can do a good job in online operation, give full play to the role of the Internet as a collection of customers, and simultaneously develop channels online and offline to meet the needs of customers.
5. personalized products enhance attraction
With the development of the times, the core of consumption has gradually changed from 60, 70 to 80, 90. Consumers are becoming younger and more and more like diversified and personalized products. And pay attention to consumer experience. From brand, style and other considerations, personalization is also a demand point. If the demands of enterprises are personalized, we can weigh the needs of such consumers. Seize development opportunities.
6. sales promotion
Promotion is an excellent way to drive the development of the industry, but the consumer's consumption concept is becoming more and more mature. The traditional discount promotion has been unable to meet the needs of consumers. According to the actual situation, according to the needs of customers and the market, formulate holiday promotions, such as the use of 315 promotion, double 11 and other specific festivals, carry out corresponding promotional activities, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and attract consumers' attention.
7. Smart bathroom market
According to the data released by China Household Appliances Association, by the end of 2015, there were nearly 200 enterprises engaged in the production and operation of smart toilets. In 2015, the total output of smart toilets in China was 3.4 million, up 35.5% from 2.45 million in 2014, of which 40% were exported and more than 2 million were sold domestically and in circulation. The huge market potential is rapidly increasing the output of intelligent bathroom. The intelligent bathroom market is a market with both opportunities and risks. Similarly, as in the home appliance market many years ago, in addition to the first successful trendsetter, the winner is to master the core technology and walk steadily. If you are still addicted to the existing traditional market and do not follow the trend of the times, you are doomed to be eliminated in this competition.
8. Quality war
On May 16, 2016, the Beijing Consumer Association released a group of sampling data of smart bathroom products. 15% of the 20 brands of smart toilet cover samples sampled were unqualified. The results show that three samples have serious potential safety hazards, five samples do not use fire-retardant materials, three samples have a large gap between the input power and current indication and the actual measurement, and two samples are missing.
Similar sampling results are not uncommon in the past year. The unqualified items are small to the lack of product identification, large to the unqualified product grounding, the risk of leakage, or the fire-retardant materials of the product are unqualified, and there are hidden dangers of fire. The brands involved in the disqualification are not only the domestic first-line sanitary brands that are familiar to us, but also the international famous brands; the products sold in the physical stores under the existing lines, as well as the products sold through the e-commerce channels.
The huge market potential of intelligent bathroom makes numerous enterprises enter the market one after another. The result of everyone's entry is the frequent occurrence of quality problems. In this market war, those who make up the numbers will sooner or later die in the market. Only by mastering the core technology and going steadily can we seize the opportunity and rise rapidly. In today's intelligent bathroom industry, the battle is just beginning, and the industry is far from settled. It is not ruled out that more enterprises will participate in the hunt, and some people may be out halfway.
But the aim of the fight is to provide consumers with the best experience, the best quality and the best service. At any time, there are both good and bad aspects of market development. It depends on your attitude and way to deal with it. You feel that development is difficult, and it is difficult to succeed without saying that it is inevitable to fail.
If you think this is a big opportunity, and self-improvement, you will occupy the market first.

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